Research and Development

Machine manufacturing is a very competitive business that demands continuing productivity improvements and cost reductions.
Being a global supplier helps Sejong Pharmatech understand the complexity and competitive nature of the global pharmaceutical industy.
This understanding is the driving force behind our creative idea and innovate product development.

Safety and Health Management Policy (OHSAS 18001)

Sejong Pharmatech manages and supervise the safety and health management system for social responsibility of enterprise.
All employees and employer recognize and well informed below considering it as one of the most important work of Sejong Pharmatech.
  1. We predict dangers in working environment and have an activity of prevention accident and incident.
  2. Abide by safety and health policy and related rules so as to secure the legal safety.
  3. Set the aim of safety and health and monitor the situation regularly and continuously to develop the safety system.
  4. Educate all employers systematically to be informed for the safety.
  5. Set the communication system between all employer and employees and gather the opinions and offer the related information so to secure transparency of the safety and health system.

Quality Policy (ISO 9001)

As a medical equipment manufacturing company, we believe that maintaining high quality of our equipment through a highly standardize quality management system is our utmost priority and concern.
Our business sections are aperating under the strict International Quality Standard of operation with control regulation certificate ISO9001 which is called the “International Quality Certifications.”
Our company consistently carries out and applies the rules to our manufacturing facilities, strict supervision and monitoring.
Having supervisions in every department that highly focuses and concentrate systematically on “Quality Management System” to fulfill the demands and maintaining the high quality demands.

Environmental Policy (ISO 14001)

Environmental Policy (ISO 14001)
Our company is highly concern on environmentally friendly management because we believe that environmental protection is everybody’s concern.
We believe that a responsible management must be an eco-friendly. This will bring our company to the limelight of responsible global business entity.
With this in mind, our company observes the rule of “Environmental Management System.” Every month all our employees go on training to systematically process and preserve, not only to satisfy the needs and demands of our emerging customers but to respond to the global advocacy in environmental conservation and protection.

Manufacturing and Production

Never Stop Innovation for Advanced Technology

Sejong Pharmatech is a company that consists of various pharmaceutical industry and machining experts.
Our experts maintain an unwavering work ethic coupled with energetic teamwork making new manufacturing machine development a passion.
The high performance pharmacy production machines we the manufacture must demonstrate a performance over the competition.
The time consuming and complex process of innovation at Sejong Pharmatech has matured but our passion for innovation and creativity continues unabated.

Best People

The most advanced production system does not always guarantee the best products. And that is why Sejong Pharmatech has invested heavily in it’s manufacturing team. After all it’s is this highly skilled team that overseas each manufacturing process that guarantees Sejong Pharmatech products are produced to the highest possible standards.

Customer Satisfaction

Trust of Sejong Pharmatech

When you are presented a business card by a Sejong Pharmatech employee, you are presented a contact that represents the quality, service and trust you.
Would expect from a world leading manufacturing machineries for pharmaceutical industry.
Sejong engineers, technicians and business people have been brought up in a culture of building trust with our customers across the world.
The Sejong Pharmatech name represents high technology presented with sincerity and trust you demand from your suppliers.
The Sejong Pharmatech business card you revive when you meet one of our employees guarantees you access to a company that is innovation, creative, technically advanced quality driven and above all worthy of any customers trust!

Specialize Customer Satisfaction

We can provide pharmaceutical industry specific solution to help our customer stay ahead of technology developments for high productivity and cost reduction.
Many of our experts have spent years in senior positions with leading companies in pharmaceutical industry and deep know-how.
Also we take pride in satisfying our customer’s requirements for high quality innovative products.
Our aim is to deliver products that consistently exceed customer expectations.

Sejong Pharmatech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Company”) puts emphasis on personal information and complies with the “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.” Through the policy on handling personal information, Company will notify how and in what way the personal information that the customers provide are being used and what measures are being taken to protect personal information. In case Company amends the policy on handing personal information, Company will notify it through its Web site (or individually).This policy shall take effect starting October 10, 2014.

Items of personal information to be collected
Company collects personal information for application for subscription, consultation, services, etc.
• Items for collection : name, home telephone number, home address, cell phone number, and e-mail
• Method of collecting personal information : Web site (online job application)

Collection and purpose of use of personal information

Company uses personal information collected for the following purpose.
• identification for the responses of customers’ inquiry
• notification of the result

Period of keeping and using personal information
After the collection of personal information and the purpose of use has been achieved, Company destroys the said information in due time.

Destruction process and method of personal information
After the collection of personal information and the purpose of use has been achieved, Company destroys the said information in due time. The destruction process and the method are as follows.

Destruction process
Information members who have put for subscription purpose, etc ., will be moved to a separate database (separate cabinet in case of papers) after the purpose of information has been achieved and shall be kept for a certain period and be destroyed pursuant to the policies to protect personal information (refer to keeping and using period) according to the internal policy and other laws. 
Personal information that has been moved to a separate database will not be used for any purpose other than that stated under the laws and for storage.

Destruction method
The personal information will be deleted in the database.

Furnishing personal information
In principle, Company does not provide users’ personal information to outsiders. However, the following shall be an exception.
• Users have given prior consent.
• Stipulated under the laws or upon request by the investigating agency pursuant to the process and method as set under the laws for the investigation purpose

Entrustment of personal information
Company does not entrust the customer’s personal information to the outsider without the customer’s consent. If it is subsequently necessary to do so, Company will notify the customer about the entrustment target and the contents of the entrustment business, and will obtain prior consent if necessary.

Rights of users and their legal representatives, and methods for exercising such rights
Users and legal representatives can refer or amend the personal information of the registered self and a child of less than 14 years, and may request the cancellation of subscription anytime. For referring and amending the personal information of the user or a child of less than 14 years, users can go through the ID checking process by clicking “Change of personal information” (or “Change of member information”) for amending the personal information and “Quitting membership” in case of subscription cancellation (withdrawing consent), and may directly read, amend, or quit the membership. Users may also contact the staff in charge of personal information management in writing, by telephone, or via e-mail, and shall be taken care without delay.

If you have requested to correct the error in personal information, the personal information will not be used or furnished until the correction has been completed. If incorrect personal information has been furnished to a third party, Company shall notify the handling result of the correction to the third party without delay and shall make sure that the correction will be performed.

Personal information that has been cancelled or deleted upon the request of the user or a legal representative will be handled in accordance with the rules under “Period of keeping and using the personal information collected by Company” and is handled in a way in which it cannot be read or used for other purposes.
Matters concerning the installation, operation, and denial of a device that automatically collects personal information
Company does not operate a device that automatically collects personal information when using the Internet, such as cookies, etc.

Civil service regarding personal information
Company designates the team indicated below to protect customer’s personal information and handle customer’s complaints with regard to personal information.
Customer service and personal information management team: Plannig team Team at Sejong Pharmatech  Co., Ltd.
• Tel : +82-32-508-1284
• E-mail :
You can file any complaints with regard to personal information that would arise during the use of Company’s service to the relevant team. Company will promptly give a sufficient answer for the user’s complaint.
Please inquire to the following agencies if you need to report an infringement on personal information or for consultation.
• Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (
• Information Protection Mark Authentication Committee (
• Supreme Prosecutor’s Office Internet Crime Investigation Center (
• Korea National Policy Agency Cyber Bureau (


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Privacy Policy

Sejong Pharmatech's Privacy Protection Policy

We understand the importance of protecting the personal information of our customers and our employees. In addition, we are constantly looking for new and better ways to secure your personal information and to ensure that it is used in a responsible and respectful manner.

If you have questions or complaints regarding our privacy policy or practices, you should first contact Sejong Pharmatech's Office as follows:

Sejong Pharmatech Office
#63, AnNam 402 Road, Bupyeong-Gu, Incheon City, Korea(403-030)
I agree with Sejong’s personal information handling policy.